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See Me as You Do...

In a single day I was been called a sociopath and a willing victim (ironic)... Both by people who have known me a long time. Both by people I love and care about.

This is a true testament to 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I'm a firm believer in everyone being entitled to their own opinions, whether I feel they are accurate or not, because there are 3 sides to every story yours, mine and the truth and perspective plays a role too.

Every person on this plant at one time or another will exhibit sociopathic tendencies (this will happen when one wants to distance themselves from a situation) and in life all people will also become a victim of their own choices.

So both of these statements being said about me could be currently true. No matter how much I care and respect these people in my life, I do not care what they think of me right now.

I know I'm doing my best with what I have. The only people I have to answer to is God and my children. They allow me room to make mistakes because they know I am not perfect. They know I love them and I will always do what is in my power to take care of them.

While I appreciate how much people around me care and want to express their concern for my wellbeing, only I can make the best decisions for me and my family because I live this each day. Even if you don't agree with me, I hear and appreciate your input, but I will make mistakes, be inconsiderate at times, and get it right too... I am human it's bound to happen.

Please don't throw stones at me as I don't throw them at you... If you really care to know why I do what I do... Then ask... I don't mind answering. Thank you for caring about me enough to express it.

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