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About Me

Magic exists everywhere, waiting for those with open eyes.

It colors life, revealing unseen connections.


I’m Gin, a nature-loving soul from a small community near Chicago. I adore reading, writing, and savoring life’s simple joys. Tropical warmth beckons me and my bare feet, and I converse with flora & fauna wherever I go. I sense spirits, receive “infused knowledge,” and tap into the Akashic Records. As an Empath, I embrace intuition and cosmic consciousness. Like the “Force”, I perceive energy (“Chi”) connecting all. Life’s lessons guide our soul toward higher consciousness; no coincidence exists. Déjà vu? A reassuring sign—we’re on the right path. 

Life’s trials etched my spirit, Mad Madame Gin, born from life’s muck, now stands resilient. Eviction at 7, molestation from 3 to 12, surviving multiple rapes. Flames engulfed our family home with us inside at 26, bankruptcy at 30. Near-death at 31 and 37. Unexpectedly, my husband passed at 36, leaving four children—each with their worries. Still beneath the surface, my journey runs even deeper. 

Within chaos, I seize each moment, finding magic in the smallest fragments. In life’s timing, I’ve found my voice; a chorus spanning well-being, career, relationships, creativity, and more. Amid it all, cooking and baking add sweetness to each moment. In high school, I listed whimsical career aspirations such as Disney Animatronic Engineer, Opera Singer, Race Car Driver. I’ve never confined myself.

Why start now?

On my blog, I blend insight, healing, and growth. I view each person holistically—body, mind, spirit—recognizing their deep connection to the world. Perhaps even beyond. A slight shift in perspective can transform well-being.

Many blessings to you and yours…

And always remember:

Life’s Magic!

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Rev. Mad Madame Gin, MA LMT

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