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Low-Country Shrimp & Grits

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hearty, rib-sticking, warm the soul food.

I say all the time I was born to the wrong part of the country. For me nothing is better than some good Ole southern cooking. Food designed to put some meat on your bones and clog the arteries. After many visits to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Louisiana I can say my favorite dish has got to be Shrimp & Grits. Took me a little time in the kitchen to get this recipe to my liking, but it was well worth it. I know you'll feel the same.

To serve 8 and maybe leave some for tomorrow's lunch.

INGREDIENTS for Shrimp and Gravy

5 strips of Bacon

9 oz ground chorizo

1 Sweet Onion, chopped

½ Cup of chopped Red Bell Pepper

½ Cup of chopped Green Bell Pepper

½ Cup of chopped Orange Bell Pepper

½ Cup of chopped Yellow Bell Pepper

8 TBSP of Butter

2 pounds Tail On Shrimp

1 pounds Lump Crab

7 Cups Seafood Stock

2 clove minced Garlic

1½ TBSP Browning Sauce

2 tsp Cajun Seasoning

1½ TBSP Old Bay Seasoning

¾ Cup Flour, for thickening gravy

INGREDIENTS for cheese grits

10 Cups Chicken Broth

2 clove Minced Garlic

2½ Cups Old Fashioned Grits

16 oz Extra-Sharp Chedder Cheese, shredded

10 TBSP Butter

¾ cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

1½ tsp Salt

1½ tsp Pepper

DIRECTIONS for shrimp and gravy

Chop bacon and all vegetables.

Render down bacon in a large pan until crisp.

Add chroizo, butter, vegetables, and garlic. Melt butter and sauté vegetables for 10 minutes.

Add stock, browning sauce, Cajun Seasoning, old Bay Seasoning. Bring to a boil and add crab.

Mix flour and water together together in a cup until milky consistency. Add slowly to boiling pot until desired thickness is achieved.

This can simmer on low while you prepared your Grits, then 5 minutes before you are ready to serve, salt and pepper to taste and add the shrimp to cook.

DIRECTIONS for cheese grits

Bring chicken broth, garlic, salt, pepper, and butter to a boil in a large pot.

Stir grits is slowly with a whisk to avoid clumps.

Bring to a boil again and add heavy whipping cream.

Cook over a low heat for 45-50 minutes and a simmer.

Slowly whisk in cheese until melted throughly.

Spoon 1½ cups of grits into a shallow bowl and ladle Shrimp and Gravy over the top and serve immediately.

Sit back and enjoy this taste of southern hospitality in a dish.

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