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The Great Divide

I take great concern in regards to the direction America has been going for sometime now... This has nothing to do with politics, though it is no secret that the current state of the American government is not helping to put out any fires. My concerns lie in the amount of hate and anger there is in America right now. The amount of negative energy we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Constant bombardment on social media, news broadcasts, and even our interactions with one another, this growing hatred seems to be going unchecked.

In my 45 years, this seems to be the most divided I have seen this country in my lifetime. This divide, in many cases is not being done respectfully but with name calling, isolation of specific people or cultures, physical violence, discrimination, immaturity, neglect, and so much more... The more the negativity builds and consumes people the more we witness acts of violence being committed by people who feel they are not being heard. There appears to be a real line in the sand being drawn and it is understandable why many are scared this is history getting ready to repeat itself.

America is supposed to be the "Great Melting Pot" of the world, land of tolerance and understanding, the "land of opportunity". It is appearing more as if we are a land of entitlement, judgement, and self perseveration above all else. Many living under the same beliefs as the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As in the book it seems the "good little boy" and his family represent only a small fraction of the population. We all know the "good little boy" isn't perfect, but he represents a better way of doing things...

America, despite who our politicians are needs to work to put out the fires of hate and anger in their hearts and in the hearts of those around them. If we can find a common love for ourselves, each other, and in our own country, regardless of politics, religion, race, sexual orientation, and disabilities... we will be able to rise against any forces, foreign or domestic, who try to challenge and take our prosperity and freedom.

If someone ever wanted to strike the USA doing it at it's weakest point, went the general public is so divided, would be the most strategic time to do so... Is it possible that the current level of hate and intolerance in this country wasn't put into motion by someone looking to do just that... It may be time we all reflect, let go of our hate and differences, and join hands in supporting our country and the body of people who make it up.

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