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Finding Your Path

Many years ago I sat down with someone I admire & did the whole Pursuit of Happiness thing. I asked him to tell me his story of how he became so successful. He had grown up from very humble beginning to now what I can only phantom would give Oprah's bank statements a run for their money... He shared his childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, schooling, first job to the present day. He explained to me how he went from 8 people living in a 2 bedroom house in rural Ohio to personally owning six houses across the globe.

I listened intently & was inspired by how he was able to remain so modest & humble in the face of great success. I took notes, physically & mentally. I absorbed all I could from what he was saying because he was where I want to be... successful to the point I never had to worry about the care of my family.

We finished up our lunch & he stopped his story, looked me dead in the eye, took my hand then said flat out, "Gin, you will never be able to do what I have done the way I have done it. There is a major difference between you & I; I am most definitely motivated by money. At the end of the day I will do whatever needs to be done to make that dollar. You however, are not & never will be motivated by money. In fact your whole reason for wanting to know how to make this wealth is the same reason you will never be able to obtain it as I have."

I was taken back by what he just said but chose to finish listening. "You want to be able to make money in order to provide for those you love, not to just be successful. Therefore based on that & what I know about you, I can say you are not money motivated; you are people motivated. You are motivated by what you can do for or to help others. So when, & only when you can figure out how to turn a life of service into dollar signs, you will be able to turn your life from charity work into a living. What you are doing now is not wrong, but your talents & your time are worth money. Figure out how to bill for them & the rest will come easy."

This conversation has stuck clearly with me. I continue working to figure out the answer to the puzzle he presented me with. A hard question for anyone to answer is, what is my value? I know there is a reason behind this drive & fire I have in serving people. I know it goes deeper than what & where I have dedicated my time & efforts so far in life. I will get there, I know my life has been poised with obstacles, challenges, detours, & mirages. I have moved through, around, & past most of them. I am close & I can feel it.

I want to thank everyone who has touched my heart, inspired my soul, or refreshed my view over the years... when I get there it will all be for you as much as it is for me. See you at the finish, or will that be the beginning?

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