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Guiding Compass

Again, today I am reminded other adults do not always have the same moral compass as I do. Apparently the team we played brought in older players who were not on the team. A move they didn't need as there actual team is a good team. Just because you can do it, doesn't make it right.

It is very difficult to watch an amazing team of boys play their best week after week against older teams and have the score of the game not reflect their effort. This team has grown over the indoor season but has not had the opportunity to showcase this to their fans and it is as frustrating to me as much as it is to them.

This frustration leads to a breakdown in the team's composure, especially when officiating is poorly maintained, and you can see the game slowly unravel.

I have asked for a lot out of this team over the last year and I have nothing but total respect for these boys for showing up and giving me everything they have week after week. If what I have seen blossom this winter is any indication of how they will play this spring against equivalent age and talent then this team will finally have the success on the score board it deserves.

I know this journey has not been an easy one for this team. I believe in this team and each of its players. Please continue to believe in yourselves. Only a month to go til the spring season, please remain focused and positive that what we are going through now is making us stronger players for the future.

We can not control the actions and choices of those around us but we can control how we respond to it. Stay strong team. We are almost there.

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