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Lists- Keeping it Straight

I love lists, they help me keep my shit straight. My problem has always been how big my lists are and how many lists I have.

Today is about priorities and order, today is about doing what makes sense first and pulling the extra irons out of the fire, today is about figuring out what in my life no longer serves me, or if it does serve me is there a way it will serve me better. Today is about releasing past passions that are no longer relevant that are still causing headache. Today is about tearing apart what I have allowed myself to become comfortable with in order to find the greatness I know is meant to shine through.

Baby steps, this is not meant to be all or nothing, because even if I fall on my face I am still moving forward. I have known since I was young a straight forward focus on one goal was always going to be a challenge... and there is no reason I can not diversify myself as long as it is all done with the same intent of my reaching my greatest goals.

Yes, this will be hard to tear apart the person I have become comfortable with over so many years, but I have realized that even though I am happy there is a deeper happiness I have yet to achieve. There is more to my story I am not writing that needs to be read and I better get stocked up on pens and paper because this story has a long way to go...

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