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Never a Dull Moment...

I have been asked repeatedly during my lifetime, "how do you do it, do you ever sleep?" I've been called an overachiever, show-off, perfectionist, wunderkind, and more. I show up and when I do it is in spectacular fashion. I can be over the top in most cases... But why?

I live what some may call a "mission life". A lifetime filled with extraordinary challenges that would test the limits of anyone's psyche. These challenges seem to come consistently with minimal recovery from one challenge before going into another. Sometimes pushing you even farther by happening concurrently. Mission lives are not only meant to teach those who live them incredible life lessons, but they allow those who live them to take what they have learned to teach, guide, and care for others.

No one life is any harder or any easier than another. I believe, just like the cliché states, "God only gives you what you can handle." Therefore, we all face challenges in our lives that will push our limits and test our strengths. It is then up to us how we use those experiences to impact who we are as a person.

Do you stack these challenges like bricks? Using them to build a stairway to rise above, a sort of leveling up. Or, do you let these challenges crumble around you, burying you deeper and deeper until you can no longer see light? This is a choice only you can make, but I assure you that you will always have the resources to overcome any challenge set before you. It will be hard, at times you will want to quit, but you will be able to do it.

I digressed a bit here, but just understand, no matter how great, how small, or how many you have, you are greater than the sum of your problems. No matter how overwhelmed or defeated you feel, you can rise above them. Remember your challenges matter, even the ones that seem trivial. Little challenges can lead to big successes.


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