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Philosophies of Existential-Phenomenology

The philosophies of existential-phenomenology most certainly help us to self-actualize. In order to do so man must experience or recall the phenomenon they are exposed to, then analyze the phenomenon they are exposed to, and finally be able to describe the phenomenon they are exposed to, or simply put their experience with Dasein, or being there. Being able to understand how one feels, what one sees, how on interprets and experience they are part of can help one to grow and the achieve one's full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.

The phrase “be here now” I use a great deal when I coach youth sports. To me this means put all other things aside for the time we are together so that you may get the full experience and benefits of the training and instructions we are going to share as a team collectively. Being in the moment fully present allows people to self-actualize at a more rapid rate than if they were not paying as close of attention to what the experience is allowing.

The perspectives of existential-phenomenology hold the main theme of “one’s experience” in the real world. How do you see and comprehend what is happening around you as it is happening? What was your experience like to you? They do not imply personal or social constructs to your understanding of you experiences. These perspectives allow you to draw your understanding directly from what you lived through.

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