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The Change of The Season

I have read post after post, over heard conversation after conversation, been out right told, and even felt Un-Christmassy myself...

For those feeling this way, like so many other things in our lives the purpose of the holiday changes as we age. We have to remember to change with it. It holds such an innocent magic and hope as a child that changes into so many other things as we mature and our lives change.

Is Christmas over commercialized? No doubt, for so many it is... but what Christmas means to you doesn't have to be overshadowed by the shopping and buying. Does Christmas fall during the time of year when we lose many nutrients given to us by the sun and depression is more likely for this and so many other reasons. Yes it does, but that is when we must remember that life is hard and sometimes we have to be stronger than we want to just to make it through.

Think about what and who is important to you, don't give much thought in the moment to the fights, the stress, the hard times, that loss of innocence, and all the things that come this time of year to weigh you down. You need to stay focused on the happy memories you have of this time of year, the positive thoughts of what the future may hold for you and yours, and have hope, the true feeling this holiday should evoke in your soul, as you run to and frow, gathering with those you love. Even if that person is yourself.

Love yourself first and radiate that love out into the world. Merry Christmas everyone, may you find the love and joy hidden within all the other scenes of the Holiday.


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