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The Self Discovery Swim

In life sometimes you will find yourself just treading, struggling to barely keep your head above water. You will not know which way to swim, because it will be just a little too dark to make out land in any direction. You will most likely begin to panic. It is then you realize by panicking you will only fatigue quicker. You calm yourself down, deciding to swim to your left for awhile. Unfortunately there is no land to be found. You tread some more, your foot gets tangled in the kelp just under the surface. This makes it even harder to keep your head above water and again you panic.

As you struggle to get air you begin to feel like you can not breathe any longer and you finally surrender. You stop fighting against the kelp allowing it to pull you down. As you descend you realize that once you stopped fighting the kelp your entangled foot was freed. You then ascend back to the surface.

Once at the surface you notice it has gotten pretty dark. However, with that darkness comes the ability to make out a small flicker of light in the distance. You set your course for that far-off glimmer. Knowing it is a long way off and there could be several more challenges in getting there. You remind yourself if you take it slow and steady, if you don't panic, in time you will have your feet planted firmly again on dry land.

I urge you each morning to just take a few moments to look out your window. Take in the tremendous view and know despite everything you have gone through, everything you are going through, and everything still to come, you are truly blessed by what and who is around you. It may take you a long time to get back on firm ground only to have the current carry you out further the next time. You need to realize while you keep struggling time is robbing you of precious moments, precious memories, as you choose to just exist more than you choose to engage. You need to take, NO! You need to steal your life back. No one is gonna do that for you and perhaps that is what you have been waiting to happen. It is no one else's responsibility to save you, no one else's responsibility to open row out and rescue you. Your future, your wellbeing rests solely in your hands.

Use today to start healing your heart, your home, your health, and my spirit. As you mend those your history will heal itself.

I encourage you, especially if you feel like you simply exist to steal back your life from the time that ran away with it. You truly have what you need inside of you, but help can always be found for those willing to ask.

Blessings to you all.

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