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Do You Still Allow Yourself to Dream?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Do you remember when you were a kid & all you ever did was think, dream, about your future? Where would you go to school? Harvard or Hard-knocks... What job you would have? Rock star, Teacher, Doctor, or Parent... Who would you date? Race car driver, Super Model, or the Neighbor's kid. Where would you live? Paris, The Beach, The Country, or Your Hometown... What would your family look like? A Spouse, A Spouse & Kids, Single Parent, or is it just you & a dog... Remember the hours you dedicated to dreaming, hoping, & wishing about your future and how much fun it was? I do, I was so full of optimism & I couldn't wait until I made them all come true.

So, I ask, now as an adult do you "what if" your life? I am not talking about questioning your past, I'm talking about dreaming of possibilities for your future, just like you did as a kid. Do you ever take the time to let your mind run wild & wander with all the possibilities of what could happen? Do you take it as far as planning it out, either in your head or on paper, what you would do if that event you have been dreaming about happened? Really? Why not?

This type of dreaming helps you to set intentions for your future. Granted as you get older your dreams can become more practical & you trade in flying on the back of a dragon for something like a family trip to an amusement park. But to imagine what could be, to think beyond the possible is a healthy way to move towards making your dreams a reality. Dreaming, especially Day Dreaming allows your mind to freely flow with ideas and thoughts you may not consider to think of as you go through your day-to-day reality. By opening your mind up to these dreams you open yourself up to possibilities & chances for your future you wouldn't have considered before. Not to mention that allowing yourself to dream freely you will reduce your stress.

One of the dreams I love to do is the "What if I won the Lottery?" This one is a lot of fun because you truly find out the kind of person you are by how you choose to use the money. I'd be lying if I didn't say there would be a nice vacation to a tropical location in my dream. However, there is also a restaurant start-up in honor of my late husband, paying for my kids to finish college, financially helping my parents, starting a local youth center that has both sports programs as well as mental & physical health concerns, of course donations to animal shelters, & so much more.

It is in the reflection of this dream I can find where my passions are & I can ask myself am I truly happy in my life right now & of not what can I do now to change it? The other thing this dream reflection does is allows me to see what is most important to me, once I weed through the frivolous flights of fancy, & I then have goals I may choose to want to start manifesting. I may choose to set intentions for the future to move towards these dreams.

Allow yourself to dream... Allow yourself to "what if" your life and opportunities... Allow yourself the space to wonder, hope, & imagine a different reality than the one you live in now... You just may find the answers you didn't even know you were looking for...

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