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Too Plugged in to See it

Yesterday I had the privilege to visit the Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah, GA. As I walked through the preserved piece of history and forestry my day to day was washed away frommy minds eye as I was emerged in the awe of its expansive beauty. My life comes in one barrel roll after another and sometimes the coincide and it can be hard to catch my breath. But that was all gone as I was present in the moment I was given on this hallowed land. There is an ene

rgy that comes from where you stand. Some places resonate with you better than other and will light your soul on fire. Places such as Charleston, SC.,and Savannah, GA do that to me. I attribute it to a past life I had spent in the region because when I'm here I feel as if I have gone home... I feel the breezes and smell the magnolia and it is of great comfort to me.

Walking through the trees of Wormslow was no different I could feel the energies of centuries past and envision what life must have been like from indigenous to colonial. My soul was at peace, my heart was at peace, and in that moment I was fully connected with the Universal Life Force. I imagined what it would have been like as a kid hiding, running, exploring through the woods, climbing the towering trees, and picking the native flowers. The mind would have had a picturesque landscape to dance upon with out the distractions or interuptions our modern life affords us.

"For we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." But nowadays we are all to often taught or out right told how, what, and when to think, and then how to feel when we think that way. We are conditioned from birth to believe in our freedoms but are those freedoms a programmed illusion? If you take away and fill those quite moments that are meant to think and imagine and fill them with phones, computers, television, media, with noting but noise, noise, noise... then are you not controlled by the noise and the fear of missing out? Without those moments of wonder, with out that need to create and entertain oneself is the dream over... does the music die?

No one seems to seek their truths anymore... they wait for someone to give it to them. To be spoon fed... people have grown lazy and tired of thinking for themselves which is hard in a world where everyone wants free will and freedoms but are so influenced by others who they chose to follow.

As put but Loki, "The first and most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom." Our belief in the idea we are free to make our own choices. He goes on to say, “For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty, and regret. There’s a fork in every road, yet the wrong path always taken.” This battens down the idea that we all so much long for freedom, yet most of us never truly live freely because of fear in the choices we make, we want someone else to make those choices so then the blame is on them if it goes wrong and we are not left with the shame, guilt and uncertainty our choices bring.

If you truly believe you are free then I ask you to live freely, to take the time to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the analog one. To be creative and full of thought you need time to ha e such thoughts. Give you mind, body, and soul that opportunity... you just might surprise yourself.

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